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Barton won’t shave until Newcastle win a game

After getting back into the Premier League with Newcastle Joey Barton has vowed not to shave until they win a game.

After some stick from teammates that said he couldn’t grow any facial hair, Joey has grown a moustache and has now agreed not to shave it off until Newcastle win a game in the Premier League. Want to place Premier League bets bets on this? His new moustache might be there for a while longer then with Newcastle’s first two games against Manchester United and then Aston Villa.

Barton will have extra incentive to do well though as his new facial hair has attracted some unwanted attention. His teammates at Newcastle think he looks ridiculous and have given him a lot of flak over it.

Good luck to Joey in his first game back in the Premier League.

4 Responses to “Barton won’t shave until Newcastle win a game”

  1. Liam says:

    He’s gonna end up looking like Justin Lee Collins

  2. rianhuxt says:

    ha ha
    we just loved joey’s tash !
    does he really believe he’s hitler then ?
    anyway, he’s a bloody good football player if only he can keep his cool for at least half the season,
    and makes up his mind not to let the opposition wind him up.. gonna be difficult though with that hilarious face fuzz..lets hope they WIN SOON !!!!

  3. James says:

    The moustache didn’t last long. The Toon Army will almost certainly be playing Premier League football next season

  4. Jock says:

    What an aswomee way to explain this-now I know everything!

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