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Joey Barton backs anti-homophobia campaign

Joey Barton has had much criticism in the past for his issues both on and off the football pitch. However, this weekend the QPR midfielder will begin supporting a campaign that tackles homophobia within football.

The target of the campaign is to change the attitudes within the sport and make football more gay-friendly after recent research has confirmed that, seven in 10 football fans who have attended a match had witnessed or heard homophobic chants on the terraces.

There are no known openly gay footballers in either the English or Scottish leagues which spans a total of 5,000 players and 134 professional clubs.

The campaign has also got the backing of the PFA with rainbow laces being sent out to all 92 Premier League and Football League clubs in England, as well as 42 teams in the Scottish Leagues.

In a message on his twitter feed, Barton wrote: “Join the laces movement. Sexuality in sport should not be an issue in the 21st century,” a view that will certainly be echoed by many players alike.

That has been evident by the response of many people to the QPR midfielder, with Barton stating that the support had been “phenomenal” and that the positive reactions had been far greater than those who are against the campaign.

Despite the positive reaction, the Premier League has stated that it is each individual players choice as to whether or not he decides to wear the laces.

Barton has confirmed that he has persuaded many of his QPR teammates to wear the laces this weekend, as the R’s look to maintain their impressive start to the season when they travel to struggling Yeovil Town.

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