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McCarthy won’t rant at Barton

Mick McCarthy says he is “not interested” in being drawn into the argument between Joey Barton and Karl Henry.

The two midfielders were involved in an incident in the recent Wolves v QPR clash at Molineux, which has led to a war-of-words between the duo. As anyone following the Premier League 2011-12 betting will know, it is not the first time the pair have clashed.

Barton was unhappy with a challenge Henry made late in the game and the pair had to be pulled apart at the end of the match, before the argument continued off the pitch.

The QPR skipper accused the Wolves man of “trying to hurt people” and likened Henry to a “Sunday League player.

He didn’t stop there though, also having a dig at McCarthy, who had claimed that he rejected the chance to sign the former Newcastle man, with Barton saying on Twitter “don’t know what Mick has been smoking”.

Despite being the chance to respond, the Wolves manager decided to keep quiet over Barton’s remarks, but did come up with a genius line. McCarthy said: “I have my opinions but generally I keep them to myself. Opinions are like backsides. We’ve all got them but it is not always wise to air them in public.”

McCarthy though did defend his own player, describing Henry as “one of the best pros” he has ever worked with and that he has “never ever” gone out to hurt another player. Fans of football betting online may have their own views on that.

He added: “He has earned himself the right to play in the Premier League by his guts and determination and made himself a better player. He is a great guy.”

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